An Officer and a Baby Locked Content
Fall In Love 90 mins

An Officer and a Baby

by Jessica Keller (Chapters in total: 20)

Struggling on her own with a newborn, widow Hanna Song is grateful for the offer of help that comes from Aiden Kline. Even if he is the police officer who’d delivered the news of her husband’s death months earlier. The kindness she receives from him, his sister and grandma renews her longing for a close-knit family of her own. And when they offer her and baby Cooper a place in their home, she can’t help feeling a particular tenderness for Aiden. But as Hanna’s first Mother’s Day approaches, she’ll have to ask herself if she’s truly ready to love again. Will Aiden be the one to give her the family of her dreams?

Copyright © 2017 by Jessica Keller

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