On Sale: Feb 13, 2017

Secret Bodyguard

She may be the wrong girl, but this undercover cop will compromise everything he values
to make things right for her and her daughter.

Amanda Crowe's baby girl has been kidnapped, and in the shadowy world in which she lives, there's no one to trust except
herself. But she hasn't counted on Jesse McCall getting in her way—a man who is more than
he seems…

Posing as Amanda's driver, undercover cop Jesse McCall is assigned to watch the
mobster's daughter. But he can't ignore Amanda's heart-wrenching effort to bring her child
home, nor her siren's call luring him ever closer. As a cop, Jesse has a duty to fulfill.
But as Amanda's lover, he'll protect her and her baby from all harm—even if it means
breaking the law.

Originally published in 2001