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Guide to Inspirational Romance

Discover wholesome, faith-filled stories that enrich the lives of readers. Meet characters who face challenges that strengthen their faith and lift their spirits. Whether it’s a second chance at life and love, an unexpected family blessing, a secret uncovered or a dangerous encounter—faith, forgiveness and hope have the power to change lives.

Second Chances

Everyone deserves a second chance. Every story is a journey; returning home to face responsibilities or reuniting with a long-lost love is never easy but always worthwhile. Turns out broken hearts can be healed with kindness, understanding and a little time.

Family Blessings

It may be an unexpected blessing that you didn’t know you needed or it could be a lifetime wish come true. These sweet stories of family will warm your heart and lift your spirit.

Cowboys and Ranchers with Big Hearts

These honorable, hard-working cowboys, ranchers and bull riders will lasso your heart and sweep you off your feet. Under the big sky, these gentlemen are tough on the outside but soft and warm on the inside.

Protectors in Uniform

Skilled at protecting, these brave lawmen know the way to a woman’s heart. Guided by faith, they uphold the law and face danger to protect their loved ones from harm.

Nanny to the Rescue

They may be a blessing but everyone knows children can be a handful. If only there was someone who was adept at wrangling mischievous children. A little love and affection is just what these struggling fathers need.

Dangerous to Love

These heart-pounding page-turners feature strong heroes and heroines whose faith guides their way from danger to safety as they solve crimes and save lives.


In a time where technology is everywhere, discover a simpler way of life with traditional values. Enjoy sweet stories about trust and forgiveness, falling in love, uncovering secrets and finding peace in the Amish community.

Mail-Order Brides

Some marry out of necessity and others for convenience but all end up falling in love in these sweet stories set in days gone by.

Inspirational Treasures You May Have Missed

You may have missed these inspirational treasures the first time around. Enjoy these Love Inspired classics and reissued favorites.

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