Your Guide to Romance Genres

The romance genre has something for everyone! Whether you're looking for contemporary tales of modern love, red-hot erotic reads, historical romances that transport you to another era or Western romances starring the ever-popular cowboy hero, we have a book for you. Not sure where to start? Check out these guides for popular romance subgenres to help you find your next perfect book.


Erotic Fiction

We share your love of all things sexy. Choose your type of erotic fiction and discover racy reads that will turn up the heat. Does the thought of asking questions have you turning red? We've got you covered. Our Guide to Erotic Fiction features an A to Z guide to erotic lingo, a panel discussion with erotic fiction authors, and our erotic romance flowchart that will steer you in the right direction.


Contemporary Romance

Discover the wide world or contemporary romance with the Beginner's Guide to Contemporary Romance. Try a variety of books from classic early works of famous authors to popular miniseries and new voices in the genre. Check out our Heat-O-Meter to find a sweet, sensual or sexy read to suit your taste and a glossary of romance terms. You'll be a contemporary romance expert in no time!


Historical Romance

Do you dream of wicked rakes, rugged cowboys, dashing dukes and other heroes from another era? Historical romance has a time period—and hero—to suit any mood. Journey through the lushness of the Regency, the elegance of the Victorian period, and go beyond the ballroom with romances from Ancient Rome to WWII. Discover the era and historical romance for you with Romance Through the Ages!


Western Romance

Find your perfect cowboy with our Guide to Western Romance, showcasing everything from sweet family-focused tales, to suspense, and historical romances set in the Old West! Ready to take on a challenge? Don't miss fan-favorite Western romance authors and series sure to become your next binge-read. Plus, watch a video from behind the scenes at a cowboy cover shoot, discover the "Anatomy of a Cowboy Hero" and more.

Guide to Romantic Suspense

Romantic Suspense

Romantic suspense is one of the hottest subgenres today and comes in many different flavors. With stories featuring explosive chases, kidnapping, murder and espionage—all with the extra thrill of romance—you'll find the variety you crave with our Guide to Romantic Suspense.

Guide to Paranormal Romance

Paranormal Romance

Does your heart beat for a very special kind of guy? One who may not be able to walk with you in the sunlight or go on a date during the night of the full moon, but is undeniably sexy, passionate and romantic? Find the man of your dreams with Paranormal Romance!